SIMA Awards
Honoring the Best of the Surf Industry from 2016
Entry, Nomination & Voting Process

Step 1 – Entries

  • All Regular and Board Builder SIMA members up to date on membership dues are eligible to submit entries. The main SIMA contact at each Regular and Board Builder SIMA member company will be emailed unique login information for the entry site.
  • Regular and Board Builder SIMA member companies may only enter their own brands or products in any and all of the award categories for which they feel their brands or products are appropriate.
  • You may not enter any other company, brand or product even if your own brand or product is not eligible in a particular category.
  • You may only enter one brand or product per award category.
  • Each entry must be accompanied by a short written statement (400 words), up to four (4) images, company/brand logo, and the proper verification information. Please visit the Entry Form, Rules and Material Specifications page for details. SIMA cannot and will not take responsibility for editing statements or photos; materials that do not meet the specifications will not be used. These materials will be made public during the final voting round. Please make sure you enter the name of your product or brand as you would like it to appear throughout the SIMA Awards process. Please note that no changes can be made to your entries once the entry deadline has passed and voting is in process.
  • A $65 administrative fee will be charged for each product and brand entry. This fee helps cover website maintenance and production costs for the SIMA Awards ceremony. The main SIMA contact at each participating company will receive a link to pay for all of their entries via credit card by the entry deadline. Final entry fee payment due by the payment deadline. Entry fees not paid by this time will result in the entry being removed from the ballot.

Step 2 – Nominating Panel Review of Entries

  • A Nominating Panel will be approved by the SIMA Board of Directors and will consist of SIMA member companies and surf specialty retailers. Panelists are selected based on their area of expertise (i.e., panel is made up of representatives from the endemic media, men’s, women’s, footwear, accessory and hardgood/wetsuit segments of the industry). Although representing different segments of the industry, all panel members will vote on all award categories.
  • The Nominating Panel will be directed to a website containing information on all entries received in all categories.
  • The Panel will review the statements and images entered by SIMA members to help in determining their vote.
  • The Panel will then cast their votes for the top five entries in each category, via an online voting site.
  • To vote, they will be asked to rank their top five in each category from 1 to 5, with 1 being highest. Corresponding points will be given to each ranking: 1st = 10 points; 2nd = 8 points; 3rd = 6 points; 4th = 4 points; 5th = 2 points
  • All points received from the Nominating Panel will be tallied via the online voting site.
  • The five nominees in each category with the highest number of points from the Nominating Panel automatically become the five nominees for each award.

Step 3 – Voting Process

  • All SIMA member companies up to date on membership dues are eligible to vote, as well as a list of the top retailers.
  • The main contact at each SIMA member company will be emailed a unique username and password valid for five votes online. It is the responsibility of the main SIMA contact to distribute the information to other employees in their company to fulfill their five allotted votes. You will not be able to send your voting link to suppliers, retailers, etc. Voters are encouraged to vote for all categories that they feel they are experts in.
  • The list of the top retailers will also receive a unique username and password valid for one vote. All retail votes will be weighted at a 5:1 ratio.
  • The previously mentioned statements and product images from the nominees will be included on the website to aid SIMA member companies and retailers with their voting.
  • The brand/product receiving the highest number of votes in each category automatically becomes the winner.
  • No panel is involved in determining winners; winners are simply based on the highest votes from SIMA member and retailer voting. Winners will be announced at the live ceremony in 2017.