The Board Builder committee is focused on creating strategic, meaningful partnerships to provide Board Builder member-only incentives designed to increase margins for board builders of all sizes.  
Current Board Builder benefits include: 
Echo Logistics:  Echo has committed to providing SIMA Board Builechoder members with freight shipping discounts.  As advocates for surfing, Echo is training specific Employees to be duty experts for our members to maximize business effectiveness, streamline logistics, and cut costs of shipping surfboards around the country. 
Fufuturestures Fins: Leading the way in hard goods brands supporting the board builder.  Futures is offering a “BUMP UP” discount program for all current SIMA Board Builder members on all things Futures: Fin Boxes/Tools/Fins, etc.
UPS: Easy shipping to and from Trade Shows, Shipping to and from Canada and Mexico, and up to 75% off heavyweight shipments with UPS Freight, as well as up to 10% off materials at the UPS store.
SIMA Board Builder members will also be able to utilize all existing and future SIMA regular member benefits
Members can contact or (949) 366-1164 x6 to get set up with these benefits, or to provide feedback/suggestions on current or potential board builder benefits.