Who Qualifies:
– Shapers
– Glassers
– Bodyboard Manufacturers

– Must manufacture or distribute surfboards for resale in surf shop(s).
– Must have been in business for at least one year.
– Must have an office within the United State of America and file a U.S. Business tax return.
*SIMA’s Membership Committee and Board of Directors may choose to waive one or more of the criteria for a Board Builder applicant dependent upon the applicant’s number of years in the industry, reputation and standing within the surfboard building community.

Application Process
1.  Complete the application below and payment for annual membership dues.
2.  Your application will be reviewed to verify you meet the membership qualifications.
3.  The SIMA Board of Directors will vote to approve your membership at the monthly Board Meeting.
4.  Once membership is approved, you will receive a digital welcome package explaining your membership benefits and opportunities.

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