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2016 Waterman’s Weekend Beneficiaries

The following environmental organizations have been carefully selected as recipients of the proceeds from the 2016 Waterman’s Weekend fundraising efforts in the form of a SIMA Environmental Fund Grant. The organizations were chosen based on their commitment of those funds to specific projects that will address water quality issues, defend beaches and surf breaks, or provide education about ocean conservation.

5 GYRES INSTITUTE: Funds will be used to support “AmbassadorShip”, a volunteer leadership program designed to educate, engage and empower 5 Gyres’ global network of supporters to take action against plastic pollution on a local scale.

ASSATEAGUE COASTAL TRUST: Dedicated funds will be used to support the Coast Kids programs featuring monthly educational excursions, school/community group programs and summer camp, including support for scholarships to engage low-income and minority youth.

CLEAN OCEAN ACTION: Funds dedicated will support the “Tide Together” campaign to protect water quality and swimmers. The goals of this campaign are to increase monitoring of sites, locations, and frequency; restore and increase funding for testing at the local, state and national levels; protect and enhance our right to know when sewage is found in waterways; and expand testing during rain events.

ENVIRONMENTAL DEFENSE CENTER: Grant will enable EDC to continue their leadership role responding to the Refugio Oil Spill. Through their efforts, EDC focuses on ensuring complete clean-up, restoration of the coastal environment and prevention of future spills.

HEAL THE BAY: Funds will support efforts to develop and implement water pollution abatement strategies through Heal the Bay’s Smart Water Management program, protect coastal and ocean marine life through Heal the Bay’s Thriving Oceans program and safeguard human health and enhancement of beach water quality through Heal the Bay’s Beach Report Card program.

NORTH SHORE COMMUNITY LAND TRUST (NSCLT): Funds will be used to permanently protect Pupukea Paumalu and the local waters, community stewardship of public beach access, and other efforts to preserve Oahu’s North Shore.

OCEAN INSTITUTE: Funds will support the Watershed Education Program designed for students for hands-on education about the environmental impact of their behaviors. The program addresses the urgent need for ocean conservation through said hands-on educational activities.

ORANGE COUNTY COASTKEEPER: Funds will support the Coastal Water Quality Improvement Program and its efforts to reduce the health threats caused by urban runoff pollution in Orange County, Calif., through advocacy, enforcement, education, collaboration, and water monitoring efforts.

PASO PACIFICO: Funds will be dedicated to protecting the Pacific Ocean and beaches of southwestern Nicaragua through increased awareness within the local Nicaraguan surfing and fishing communities and through ocean conservation and restoration measures.

REEF CHECK: Funds will be used for the continued expansion of the Reef Check California program and its goal to improve marine management in California through education, training and community engagement.

SANTA BARBARA CHANNELKEEPER: Funds will assist their Clean Water Advocacy and Enforcement Program which will protect and restore water quality and aquatic habitats in the Santa Barbara Channel and its beaches, creeks, and ocean waters, and to defend the community’s right to clean water.

SAVE THE WAVES COALITION: Funds will assist their World Surfing Reserves program to preserve outstanding waves and surf zones around the world; Surfonomincs program to help quantify the social and economic value to coastal communities in support of surf and coastal protection; and Endangered Waves program that encourages communities worldwide to address threats to the surfing coastline.

SEYMOUR MARINE DISCOVERY CENTER: Funds will be used towards their Ocean Science and Conservation Education Programs aiming to build awareness of the ocean’s importance to all humans, increase consciousness of threats to ocean health, provide skills to study and learn more about the ocean to visiting K-14 school groups.

SURFERS AGAINST SEWAGE: Funds will be used towards the Regional Representative Volunteer project,  aiming to ensure that there is a passionate network of volunteers caring for the UK’s coastline for many generations to come.

SURFING EDUCATION ASSOCIATION: Dedicated funds will be used towards the Waikiki Beach Sand Replenishment Project, which will monitor tidal current pattern flow change and sand movement due to replenishment.

SURFRIDER FOUNDATION: Funds will enable efforts to save, improve and protect surf locations, protect the quality of water in the surf zone, ocean environmental education. Initiatives will address clean water, surf enhancement, ocean conservation education, surf break protection and other coastal issues through increasing public awareness of the existing threats to our water resources.

WILDCOAST: Dedicated funds will support coastal ecosystem conservation projects that will protect critical wildlife habitat, ecosystem services and coastal public access in San Diego County and Baja California.

WISHTOYO FOUNDATION: Funds will be used to protect the ecological integrity and water quality of Ventura County’s waterways, primarily through Ventura County specific water quality projects, which are vital natural resources for County residents, and visitors.