Protect Our Playgrounds | Preserve Our Livelihood
August 4 & 5, 2017


Golf Tournament
The Ranch at Laguna Beach
Friday, August 4, 2017

Waterman’s, the Gathering
The Ranch at Laguna Beach, CA
Saturday, August 5, 2017

Over the past 27 years, the SIMA Environmental Fund has raised more than $7 million for organizations dedicated to protecting and preserving our oceans, beaches and surf breaks. This effort is as important today as it was 27 years ago, and the SIMA Environmental Fund needs your help.

As individual businesses, we each face unique concerns and obstacles. As an industry, we face one common issue that threatens our continued success as a whole: ocean pollution. Poor water quality, watershed runoff and irresponsible coastal development are negative trends that threaten the entire surf industry. For every week that a beach is closed due to unsafe bacteria levels, for every surf break that is destroyed by development, for every child that doesn’t have beach access, surf industry companies see a direct correlation in lost sales. And for many of us, these trends affect not only our work, but also our play. It is incumbent upon every surf company to support this ongoing effort to ensure that our ocean playground remains healthy and accessible for our customers—and ourselves.

What can you do?

Each year Waterman’s Weekend serves as the primary fundraiser for the SIMA Environmental Fund, through Friday’s Golf Tournament and Saturday’s Waterman’s featuring a farm to table dinner and auction. By signing on as a sponsor, your company can contribute to a vital effort to protect and preserve our ocean environment.

Contact Shannon Park Zseleczky at shannon@sima.com.

Waterman’s Golf Tournament


Photos: Hilleman