New Consumer Study Shows Nearly One-Third of All Americans are Inspired by Surfing!

New Consumer Study Shows Nearly One-Third of All Americans are Inspired by Surfing!

Laguna Niguel, CA (February 22, 2017) – SIMA (Surf Industry Manufacturers Association) announced the launch of its first consumer study today. The SIMA Consumer Insights Study explores the size of the surf-inspired market in the United States including those who surf, those who are interested in surfing and those who are interested in and/or buy surf brands. In addition, the study provides an in-depth understanding of the segments that make up the surf-inspired market including surfing behavior, purchase behavior, media consumption, psychographics and demographics.
In the Summer of 2015, the SIMA Board of Directors chartered its Insights Committee to create SIMA’s first consumer insights study. The goal was to create a robust study that would help SIMA and its members better understand the spectrum of U.S. based consumers that are influenced by the surf industry and empower the industry and its members to make powerful, insights lead decisions.
SIMA partnered with Sports Marketing Surveys USA, a renowned full- service market research organization dedicated to all things sports based consumer behavior, to drive the study.
“This research quantified for the first time how far the surf lifestyle and surf-inspired products spread into the broader population. Not only did we establish the size of this market but we found four key consumer profiles. We set out to find the messaging that resonates with each profile so that brands can effectively reach out to these consumers,” notes Keith Storey, Vice President of Sports Marketing Surveys and lead researcher behind the study.
The study’s objectives were met using a two-phased research approach. The first phase, the Establishment Study, surveyed the broader U.S. population to determine the size and general make-up (gender, race, age, region) of the surf-inspired market. This phase established the size of the U.S. surf-inspired market as 66.5 million adults out of the 239.3 million U.S. adults or 27.8% of the U.S. adult population.
“One of SIMA’s main objectives is to provide our members with data to help them grow their businesses,” says SIMA Insights Committee Chairman, Dan McInerny. “What has been missing in our industry is independent consumer data and insights that can tell us what is really going on in the surf market – especially the broader consumer base outside of the die-hard surf segment. This is a study that not only delivers actionable insights, but also is very unique in that it offers an in-depth look into the entire consumer base that surf reaches. It’s also a huge value to SIMA members as all members in good standing will receive the study at no cost.”
SIMA is also aware that teaching its brands to use the data to draw insights is where the value of a study like this is.  In order to facilitate this, SIMA is hosting a Consumer Insights Study Boot Camp on March 1stat the Ocean Institute in Dana Point, CA where topline data from the study will be presented.
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The SIMA Consumer Insights Study is now available to SIMA members at no cost.
Non-SIMA members can purchase the study for $1,250. Full details can be found at
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