The SIMA Humanitarian Fund exists to raise funds and support for non-profit organizations that utilize surfing or board sports to improve the quality of life, health, and/or welfare of the people in need.  As you know, Hurricane Matthew caused immeasurable amounts of destruction hitting the southwest portion of Haiti hardest, leaving thousands of people in desperate need.

haiti_matthewOn October 4th, 2016 the Grand’Anse (Jeremie) region of southwest Haiti was devastated by Hurricane Matthew, the most powerful Caribbean storm in the last decade. While the capital, Port au Prince, was largely unscathed, huge swathes of the Haiti’s south have been leveled with some places reported as 90% destroyed, and over 1000 dead reported. Current Haitian infrastructure is unable to provide adequate disaster relief and is reliant on international support both for emergency relief, and for assistance in reorganizing the country for the presidential and legislative elections postponed due to Hurricane Matthew. The southern region of Haiti has experienced an almost total destruction of its crops, livestock and clean water supply, and lies largely isolated due to the collapse of bridges and roads connecting the Southern peninsula to mainland Haiti. People have no food, no medical supplies, no clean water and no means of communication. There is now a very high danger of widespread starvation and cholera, and immediate relief is necessary to stop this humanitarian tragedy in its tracks. There has been already hundreds of cases of cholera documented but number will expect to rise very quickly.

haitiJoin SIMA members and Haiti advocates, SIMBI, in their Haiti relief efforts. SIMBI and their partners are holding a two-week donation drive to collect and send supplies to support victims of the hurricane.  All donations can be shipped or dropped off to:

Michael Stars
12955 South Chadron Ave
Hawthorne, CA 90250
9am – 5PM   Monday – Friday
Deliveries to check in at the reception desk.

All items must arrive at the drop off location by October 28th.

–   Blankets
–   Towels
–   Matches
–   Candles
–   Toilet paper
–   Baby supplies (diapers and baby clothes)
–   Toiletries (soap and toothpaste)
–   Flashlights
–   Batteries
–   Pots and pans (no lids)
–   Tarps
–   Tents
–   Nails
–   Clothing (shoes, shirts, shorts, pants, socks, undergarments and hats)
–   Fishing supplies (nets, SUP, surfboards, kayaks and oars)
–   Pocket knives
–   Solar items
–   Sunscreen
–   First Aid supplies (Neosporin and bandages)
–   Soccer balls

Monetary donations will also be accepted, and are encouraged to be used to offset shipping costs of any donated goods if applicable. Click here to provide a monetary donation to SIMBI’s Aqua Haiti organization.